Magnetizing Display

What a creative/cool concept to advertise TNT’s new show Perception. The company behind this genius and  interactive display was Breakfast. Well done! Watch the video below to see people interacting with the display.


A Whole New Level of Photoshop

Excited for the new features in the upcoming Photoshop CS5. It’s great to have tools like this at our disposal, but I also think there is a dangerous flip side. If we rely too much on being able to touch things up or take things out in post-production it can make us lazy as we […] Read More


An Artist’s Best Friend

I’m very impressed with Microsoft’s design for a tablet. I can see this Courier concept being a huge boon for anyone in the art/design fields. Looking forward to finding out a release date and cost for this promising piece of technology. It’s a shame Microsoft decided to can this promising concept.

Porsche 918 Spyder

My Kind of Hybrid

Chalk this up to another beautiful car I will probably never drive, yet alone own, but one can dream. It looks like something that should be in the Ironman’s garage. You can read more about here, but here’s a quick synopsis. 0-60 in 3.2 seconds 500 hp V-8 94 mpg Yep, I want one…

Windows Phone 7

The iPhone Killer?

Microsoft unveiled it’s latest mobile software yesterday and I have to say I’m impressed. This past summer I moved from a Windows Mobile phone to iPhone and I can’t say for one moment I have missed that phone.  If Microsoft delivers on what looks to be a very promising product, it could have me moving […] Read More


A Filmakers Dream

If you are at all interested in digital film making, especially on DSLR’s, then you need to read Philip Blooms blog. He is one of the leaders in this emerging field. The video posted above is one that he shot at Skywalker Ranch to show George Lucas and his team the capabilities of the Canon […] Read More


Karaoke Never Looked So Good

Very impressed with this video from Scott Garner. He basically created a real-time karaoke type render with some amazing effects. You got to love his choice of song… Takes me back to when my wife and I first started dating.


Historical/Hysterical Tweets

  If you are a Twitter user and have a dry sense of humor you will enjoy the site They recreate tweets from famous and historical characters and it’s hilarious. A few of my favorites from the site are after the break.


Wii Killer?

“Project Natal” is what Microsoft is calling the new motion control for Xbox 360. The possiblities in the above video are pretty exciting if the technology ends up performing as well as promised. Combined with the already huge user base of the Xbox 360 I think it could be a Wii killer. What about you?


Twittering & Theology

  Interesting article from Time about how churches are using Twitter to encourage communication among the congregation. Having recently joined Twitter myself I can see the possibilities of using it to further communication, but I can also see some of the pitfalls as well. What do you think? Should Twittering be encouraged during the service […] Read More